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How To Fix ‘HDCP Unauthorized Content Disabled Roku’ Issue?

The problem of HDCP unauthorized content disabled Roku Com Link is an annoying issue, but you can fix this issue by following certain steps that are provided in the blog post below. These steps are easy to follow and will definitely work.

Roku is not just a media-streaming player, but it is the best that the world of digital streaming has to offer. Roku currently has two products in its line-up, which are, Roku Com Express and Roku Streaming Stick+. Both devices are quite capable of streaming high-quality content from a wide range of sources. Roku constitutes more than 5000 channels, which further comprise of over 500,000 movies and TV shows, which in my opinion are sufficient for any binge-watcher.

Roku works seamlessly with any smart TV, but since it is an electronic device, then it is normal to see errors sprouting up in the device. As of late, many people have experienced a dreaded purple screen that says, ‘HDCP unauthorized content disabled Roku’. When this message appears on the screen, then there is nothing that can be done. People are now wondering as to what this error is and how to fix it.

What is HDCP?

HDCP stands for High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection, and it is a copy protection that is designed to remove the chances of intercepting digital data that is midstream between the source to the display. In simple language, this feature bars pirates from making high-quality copies of digital content that propagates between Roku player and the TV.


The best thing about any electronic device today is that there is always a solution to the problem, so it doesn’t matter how complicated the problem is, there is always a solution available somewhere. For ‘HDCP unauthorized content disabled Roku’ problem, there is a definitive solution, which we now are going to discuss.

  1. Unplug HDMI cable on both, Roku player as well as your TV.
  2. Switch off your TV as well as Roku player and unplug all the cables that connect both devices along with other cables for 30 seconds.
  3. Now, you need to reconnect the HDMI cable to the TV and www Roku Com Link you need to make sure that the cable is attached properly, i.e., all the way into the port.
  4. Plug in both devices to the power source and turn on the power.
  5. Try playing a video or a channel.

Should the problem persist, it is suggested that you should use a different HDMI cable. The reason for doing this is to ensure that the HDMI cable isn’t defective. But, in case it is, then you need to buy a new HDMI cable.

Note: If you are seeing the purple screen for the first time after setting up Roku player, then there could be a possibility that your TV doesn’t support HDCP over HDMI. In the majority of cases, this is true for older television models that comprise of innate HDMI protocols, which don’t implement the latest standards that are being used today. To know capabilities of your TV, you can take a look at the user manual of your TV or contact your TV manufacturer. But, if your TV supports HDCP over HDMI, then the above-mentioned steps are going to fix the problem.

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