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How To Fix Roku Error Code 013 By Going To www Roku Com Link Sign In Page?

As many Roku users were facing Roku error code 013, it became important for me to explain what this error is and why it arises in the first place. Roku error code 013 is an Ethernet-related error, so when you encounter this error, then the first thing that you need to check is whether your router is working properly or not. If there is any problem with the router, then you will have to fix it accordingly. You can also restart your Roku media streaming player. In case, you are unable to connect to the internet from another device as well, then you will have to disconnect and reconnect Ethernet cable.

Try below-mentioned fixes to resolve Roku Error Code 013:

  1. If you have selected a wrong wireless network name, then the wireless network connection is going to fail. If you aren’t sure whether your Roku Link device is connected to the right network or not, then here are the steps you need to follow:
    1. Check your PC or smartphone as to which network they are connected to.
    2. If you can’t see your wireless network in the list of available networks, then you will have to go to ‘choose your network’ screen followed by selecting ‘scan again to see all networks’.
    3. If you can’t remember the name of your wireless network, then you need to get in touch with your internet service provider in order to get the right information.
  2. Type the password for your wireless network, and if it isn’t working, then you need to carefully enter it again. Generally, the passwords for wireless networks are case-sensitive, but if you are not aware of the correct password, then you will have to take help of your ISP. You will find a way to recover your password by taking your ISP help. You can also check the bottom of the router in order to find the password (But, this is only going to work if you haven’t changed your password before).
  3. If both, network’s username and password are correct, yet Roku media streaming player isn’t connecting to the local network, then the problem could be due to low signal strength. So, you need to reposition your router as well as the Roku device in order to make sure that the distance between them is minimal, plus no other device is getting in the line of signal.
  4. You can also restart your Roku as well as a router as the problem could arise due to technical issues with the devices. So, restart both devices as this may solve the problem. To restart your Roku, you need to navigate to ‘Settings’, then ‘System’ and finally, ‘System Restart’. Once you restart Roku device, you need to unplug the device from the power source followed by plugging it back after waiting a few minutes.

To restart the router, you can follow the instructions that are given on the website of the company or get in touch with the ISP.

So, perform these steps and hopefully, you will not have to face Roku error code 013 ever again. But, in case, the problem persists, then you can call Roku Com Link Support as they can assist you in the most suitable manner.

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