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How To Reset Roku Remote? Check Out All The Solutions For A Non-Functional Roku Remote

Most of the tasks on Roku streaming player are done through Roku remote. If you are facing difficulties in accessing Roku remote, then you have to find a solution to this problem. You can reset Roku remote, but if that doesn’t work, then move onto other solutions.

Roku remote is an integral part of the entire Roku unit. Without a Roku remote, you won’t be able to make changes to the settings of the device easily. So, you need to need to make sure that the Roku remote you are using is working smoothly. But, if your Roku Remote has been acting up lately, and you are looking to troubleshoot it, then you need to first determine as to what type of remote you are using.

  1. Standard IR Remote.
  2. Enhanced ‘Point-Anywhere’ Remote.

These days, the remote that comes with Roku Link devices are called Roku Enhanced Remote, so you must be using that type of remote control. Check if the remote has a pairing button, and if you are able to locate it, then it confirms that you are using an enhanced remote control. If there is no pairing button, then it is a standard IR remote.

So, if you are using an Enhanced Roku Remote, which has stopped working lately, then there could be a number of reasons leading to such a scenario.

Roku Enhanced Remote not working: The Troubleshooting

Restart your Roku streaming device and remote

  1. Open battery compartment of the remove and take out the batteries.
  2. Remove the power cable from Roku streaming player, then wait for five seconds followed by connecting the power cable again.
  3. When you see Roku home screen on the TV, then you should insert the batteries into the remote control.
  4. Wait for half a minute before checking if there has been a connection made between Roku remote and device or not.

Re-pairing Roku remote

  1. Repeat all the steps from aforementioned process.
  2. Press and hold the pairing button that is given inside the battery compartment for 3 seconds or until you see the pairing light flashing. If the light doesn’t flash, then replace the batteries.
  3. Wait for half a minute as it takes time for Reset Roku remote to build a connection with Roku media streaming player.
  4. You will see remote pairing dialog on the TV screen.

Replace batteries of the remote

  1. Follow the same procedure until step 2 of the first troubleshooting process.
  2. You will have to insert new batteries when you see Roku home screen on the TV. After that, follow the same steps given in the 1st troubleshooting process.

Connect Roku streaming player to 5 GHz wireless network

  1. Take a look at the user manual of your router or get in touch with the manufacturer to find out if your router supports 5 GHz.
  2. If it supports 5 GHz, then you need to make sure that 5 GHz network is enabled in the router settings.
  3. You need to go to ‘settings’, then ‘network’ followed by ‘set up connection’ and finally, ‘wireless’.

Change the wireless channel on the router

  1. Go to admin panel of your router by entering into the address bar. Enter your username and password. If you haven’t changed these credentials, then they will be same, so check the back side of the router or check the bottom, you will be able to find default username and password there.
  2. Many routers use ‘auto’ setting that you can easily change to a specific channel. But, make sure that the channel doesn’t overlap with the ones that are being used on other nearby wireless networks.
  3. After selecting the channel, click ‘apply’ to save changes.

Replace the Roku remote

  1. If you’ve tried all the aforementioned steps, yet Roku remote cease to work, then you will have to replace it.

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