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How To Tackle Video Playback Problem Of Your Roku Media Player?

If you have landed on this website, then you are definitely facing problem in the playback of videos from your Roku Com Link media player. Well, keeping your queries and problem on priority, we have discussed the steps to fix ‘Video playback’ problem of Roku media player.

First of all, to troubleshoot the player, it must be connected directly to the TV but not with the A/V receiver or any other cable.

Reasons why the video doesn’t play on the TV screen through Roku?

  1. Incorrect input selected on the TV: This is one of the common cause of the video playback problem. If you have connected the Roku to input 1 and selected input 2 from the Roku remote, then you will find a problem in receiving the video on the screen. This problem mainly occurs if more than one device like gaming console and USB drive is connected to the TV.
  • Check the input port number to which the Roku Activation Code is connected from the back panel of the TV.
  • You can change the input mode of your Roku with the help of Roku remote. Click on the ‘Source’ button from the top of the remote.
  • If no source button is available, you will find it by another name like Aux, video or input. Press the relevant button from the remote.
  • Wait for some seconds until the device gets detected or displayed on the TV screen.
  • After the input gets selected, with the help of arrow button on the remote, select the right channel you want to play content from with display on the home screen.
  • If no video input detected so far, you will find ‘No signal’ or ‘No video’ message on the screen.
  1. Video cable not inserted properly to the TV:
  • Check the cable connections properly if there is any loose connection at any point. If you are using HDMI cable as an extender to the Roku player, then check if it is faulty. If you are using a Roku stick, then connect it directly to the TV input port.
  • If the cable is broken from somewhere, then we recommend you to use new one.
  1. Problem with TV:
  • If your TV has more than one HDMI port, then connect the Roku Link to the alternate port and try playing the content.
  • If the video is still not played, then you can take the Roku along and connect it to your friend’s TV. This will let you know the real cause of the problem.
  1. Check if anything else fails:
  • If after implementing the steps mentioned above, you are still coming across the same problem, then check for other possible causes of the problem like reconnecting the cable.

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