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What Are The Steps For launching And Installing USB Drive On Roku 3 Players?


Due to a number of streaming options available on the Roku com link media player or a variety of shows and movies available on different Roku channels, Cable TV owners are now having an inclination towards these amazing media streaming players. Apart from watching online contents, users can also access the content from local sources like USB drive or laptop by connecting it to the Roku player. There’s also a streaming app called ‘Plex’ which can be used to stream local content.

Now, we will discuss the steps for connecting and playing the content from local sources after establishing a connection with the Roku. Connect the Roku to the device first, then follow the steps mentioned below:

To connect the Roku to the hard drive, locate the USB port given at the back of the Roku device and connect the USB cable to the hard drive and to the Roku player. Now open the Roku app store and download the app for playing local media. This app will act as a medium between your Roku Activation Code and local hardware like a hard drive.

Coming to the steps for accessing the hard drive content on a TV screen through Roku 3 player. Read all the steps carefully and pay close attention to each and every step. For any information in this regard, you can contact Roku support.

  1. Press the home button from Roku 3 remote and open Home menu.
  2. Scroll down and go to ‘Channel store’ and once located, click to open.
  3. From the channel menu screen, go to ‘Music’ and select ‘Shortcut’ for the same from the left corner of the screen.
  4. Select USB hard drive from the list of connected devices and start pressing the ‘Continue’ button from each page appearing on the home screen.
  5. Click to start adding the USB channel to the Roku hardware. Tap ‘Add to Roku’ option.
  6. Now, it the time to connect the drive firmly to the USB port of the Roku media streaming player.
  7. Tap ‘Go to Channel’ menu and select the genre from the list you want to play. You can select genre for movie, show or series of episodes.
  8. Open folder from the local media source where the files are saved with the help of Roku remote.

You can connect hard drive of any storage size to the Roku player. It supports up to 1 TB storage hard drive. While connecting the hard drive to the Roku player, don’t forget to connect the external power to the Roku player as this will provide enough power for its operation. If you don’t have a power adapter for your Roku player, you can order online from Roku com page.

Yes, if you are using any Roku model other than Roku 3, then the steps for connecting the external hard drive and playback of content from it are almost the same with minor differences. If you don’t know how to install channels on the Roku, then you can go to Roku com link enter code.



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