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Roku player is a promising streaming device that offers access to a wide range of TV shows and movies that are hard to find on any other platform. Roku player works well with all televisions and internet services, but it is better to check if your TV and internet service provider are available on the list of supported device and ISPs of the Roku player. In order to enjoy services of Roku, you will have to activate the device first. There is a series of steps that you need to follow to activate Roku player.

How To Activate Roku Account With The Help Of www.Roku.Com/Link?

  1. The process begins with opening up the web browser on your PC or laptop.
  2. In the address bar, you will have to enter ‘’ or ‘’, which are the activation link URL.
  3. As the webpage opens, you need to type in the Roku activation code.
  4. You can easily activate your Roku if you have an account on the same.
  5. If you haven’t created an account on Roku, then you can create one and then, you will be able to activate Roku.
  6. In order to create an account on Roku, you will have to open the official website of the company, i.e., and then look for the option named ‘create new account’.
  7. Once you’ve reached on Roku com link sign up page, then you will have to add certain information in order to create an account. This information is your ‘name’, ‘email ID’, and ‘password’. After adding this info, click ‘create account’.
  8. Verify your account using your email ID that you entered at the time of creating an account. You will receive a verification email that you have to use to verify your email. Once your email has been verified, then you need to sign into your Roku account using www Roku com link sign in page.
  9. You will also have to create a pin because it is with this pin that you will be able to purchase a channel or do all sorts of transactions.
  10. You will also have to add payment methods, which could be a credit card, debit card, PayPal and so on.
  11. In order to buy anything on Roku, you can visit
  12. Roku will only charge you for the items you buy and nothing else.
  13. Roku offers a wide range of channels free of cost, which you can choose and add to your preference.
  14. If your selected channel turns out to be a paid channel, then you can easily buy it using your credit card or PayPal.
  15. Roku will offer you 1000+ channels when you setup Roku player.
  16. You can add as many channels as you like and then, your journey to excellent entertainment will begin. If you come across any issue such as Netflix not working on Roku, then you can call for Roku help.
  17. As you add a new channel, Roku is going to refresh and will also display a message regarding the new addition that you have made.
  18. Now, you can ready to use Roku player.
  19. You can visit ‘’ in case you encounter any problem in any of above-mentioned steps.

Setting Up Roku Using Roku Link Activation Code

Setting up Roku is an easy process if you know the right steps. The setup process we are going to explain works perfectly for all Roku models, so it doesn’t matter if you are using the first Roku model or the latest Roku model, the setup process is going to work like a charm. There is just thing that you have to keep in mind, i.e., some old Roku models don’t have a port for HDMI cable, which is used to transmit a video signal to the TV. So, you will have to follow a different process that time. If using an old Roku model, then you should check as to what’s the video connection type present on your Roku player and TV.

Setting up of Roku will require three things primarily, these are 2 inputs and 1 output. Besides these, you need:

  1. A properly working internet connection (either wired or wireless). It is recommended to use a wired internet connection as it works a lot faster than wireless internet. All the latest Roku models comprise a wired internet input. There are a few models that don’t have such an input, so check your Roku model for this input. Wired internet connection will not work on Roku streaming stick and Roku Express. If you don’t have a wired internet connection, then you will have to use a wireless connection.
  2. A reliable electrical power source. There are two types of power that you can use for Roku device. In case you are using Roku TV, then plug in the main power to the TV. Doing this will also power up the Roku device. Once Roku is powered up, you can proceed with the Roku activation process. In case, you are using Roku streaming stick, then you can connect the stick to the USB port on the TV. Just keep in mind that the device should be connected properly if you want to work it smoothly.
  3. Video output.

Note: You don’t need a special power source when using Roku streaming stick, as it will take the power from the port it will connect to. The process of Roku streaming stick setup is quite simple and somewhat similar to setting up Roku media streaming device.

Roku Streaming Stick Setup: It’s different for different devices!

  1. Roku TV: All the connections in Roku TV are done internally by the company itself, so you don’t have to connect anything.
  2. Roku Streaming Stick: You can connect this stick into the HDMI port of your television. Rest of the Roku stick setup is similar to Roku media streaming device.
  3. Roku Express: In this device, connect an HDMI male connector on Roku Express and TV. One end will go behind the Roku and another will go behind the TV.
  4. Video Selection: If you are not sure as to which port you have connected your Roku device to, then use your TV remote control. It is important to choose the right port with your remote control if you want to watch your favorite movies and shows without any interruption.
  5. Once all the connections have been properly made, then you are going to see Roku logo on the screen, which will confirm that Roku is turned on.
  6. If Roku logo doesn’t appear, then your Roku not working. So, you have to check if there is any issue with the device or connections. You should also check if your television is programmed for the same output of HDMI cable on which the Roku device has been connected to. HDMI cable should be properly connected to Roku and TV.
  7. On your Roku remote, you need to press the button present at the backside for 3 seconds. You need to press the button given at the back of Roku Player, Roku Express, and Roku TV as well. If you are using Roku Stick, then you don’t have to do any such thing. For Roku Stick, you can simply connect it to the TV and operate via radio signal. No remote is used because the TV covers stick completely, thus, infrared light can’t reach the stick.
  8. Now, select your preferred language followed by selecting the wireless network that you are using at home or office. Enter the network’s password and connect.
  9. You Roku will start updating its firmware as soon as the internet connection is detected. You should let the Roku device to update.
  10. Roku will restart once all the updates are installed.

In case, there is any problem, then you can visit and get it resolved by the experts.

Using Roku Player once you set it up through

Using Roku player will require the use of your TV or PC/laptop. Also, you need to have a properly working internet connection that has a good speed. With this, your videos won’t buffer. There will be a set of guidelines given by the company along with the product, which you can go through. Moreover, you can visit to find more details about the process.

Roku Player: What it offers to you?

  1. Having a Roku player at home will give you access to full-HD movies and shows. You can watch movies at 1080p.
  2. Roku has a huge range of TV shows and movies, but in order to watch any of those, you need to sign into your account using Roku com link sign in.
  3. Roku player comes along with a remote control from where you can control all settings and options.
  4. You can easily stream high-quality digital content using wired or wireless internet connection.
  5. You can use Roku on your smartphone with the help of Roku app. The app is available for Android as well as iOS users.
  6. You can also enjoy ‘private listening’ feature by connecting the headphones to the Roku device.
  7. You will also get ‘night listening mode’ in Roku, which will help you increase soft sounds and reduce noise.
  8. You can easily add new channels such as ESPN to your Roku account. You just need to perform ESPN Roku activation and then, ESPN will begin to appear in your Roku account.
  9. Roku is available in different models, with each one having a different set of features and functionalities to make entertainment a lot more entertaining. link Settings Problems And Troubleshooting

Setting up Roku could go wrong at times, and it could also result in many more issues. If you have encountered any issue, then you need to get in touch with professional experts in order to get a permanent solution to the problem. Roku help is available not just for Roku, but for Roku remote as well.

Troubleshooting issues in Roku Remote:

The role of Roku remote is very crucial when it comes to the functioning of the device. If your Roku remote is not working properly, then you should get in touch with Roku help and Roku Customer Support – www Roku com support providers.

Roku Remote Not Working

In order to get rid of this problem, you can follow below-mentioned steps:

  1. Start off with checking the batteries of the remote. Insert the batteries in some other device and if that device works, then the batteries are working fine. If not, then replace the batteries with new ones.
  2. If batteries are working fine, then you need to press ‘pairing’ button that is given on your Roku remote.
  3. You are going to see a green LED flashing in the front of the remote. When it glows, remove your finger from the ‘pairing’ button.
  4. Your Roku remote is now working properly, but if not, then reset Roku remote.

Roku Remote Not Properly Synced With Roku Player

If you wish to use Roku player with the help of Roku remote, you need to sync both gadgets first.

  1. Start with turning off the Roku device. This can be done by unplugging the power adapter.
  2. Wait for a few minutes and then, plug the power adapter back into the main power source.
  3. Open the battery compartment of your remote and press ‘pairing’ button for 3 seconds.
  4. Wait for 10 seconds or until you see the LED stop from flashing.
  5. Now, your Roku remote can be used with your Roku player.

Roku Remote isn’t Pairing with Roku Player

The pairing of Roku remote with Roku player will ensure the functioning of the Roku device as per the commands you give to it from Roku remote. Here are the steps that you can follow to pair the device with Roku remote.

  1. Press ‘Home’ button and then, select ‘settings’ option.
  2. Select ‘remote pairing’ option after which, you will have to follow on-screen instructions.
  3. Once all the instructions have been followed in the right order, then you have to check if the Roku remote has been paired with Roku device or not.
  4. If you haven’t paired your Roku remote with Roku device, then you need to unplug power adapter from Roku player.
  5. You will see two buttons on Roku remote, i.e., ‘A’ and ‘B’, which you need to press simultaneously.
  6. Press ‘pairing’ button after pressing ‘A’ and ‘B’ buttons. ‘Pairing’ button is present at the back of Roku remote.
  7. Release ‘pairing’ button after you see the LED flashing for three times. This is going to indicate that Roku remote is clear. This process that will eradicate the problem of HDCP authorized Roku issue.

Can’t Update Roku With The Most Recent Software

It is pivotal to keep the Roku player updated because an outdated device calls for multiple issues. You will see ‘Error 011’ if your Roku device or Roku remote is not updated. You can update your Roku device using below-mentioned steps:

  1. Visit ‘’.
  2. On that site, you need to do Roku login and then, you will find the option to update the software of the device. Make sure you have a working internet connection so that the software update process can be performed in an uninterrupted fashion.

If Roku remote doesn’t work even after updating the software, then you may have to do a factory reset. Here is how you can do a factory reset.

  1. There is a reset button given at the back of Roku player.
  2. Press this button for about 20 seconds and your Roku is going to get reset.
  3. The problems you were facing previously will now be resolved.

Issues you could face while activating Roku Player

Activating Roku is a simple process, but at times, you could come across several problems as well. Some of the common problems are described below:

Problems occur while activating Roku Player

If you enter Roku link activation code but come across any error, then you should try entering the code again. If you still face any issue, then you should check if the internet is working fine.

Here are the steps that you can follow to eliminate the problem.

  1. Click ‘Home’ button on Roku device.
  2. Click ‘Help’ option there or press (*) on Roku remote.
  3. There will be an option named ‘Get a new code’, which you have to select.
  4. You can see Roku com link enter code on the TV screen, so go to on your PC and enter that code.

Same Page Appearing Even After Entering The Activation Code

This problem is also quite common in Roku device. Activation takes time, so you need to be patient when this process is taking place. But, if you are seeing the same screen of ‘Roku com link activation code’, then there is some problem in the process. You can follow below-mentioned steps in order to eliminate the issue.

  1. The first thing that you have to confirm is the steps that you saw on the screen have been performed in the same manner. Moreover, you have refreshed your Roku device as well.
  2. In case you see ‘Error 001’ or ‘not connected’ on the screen, then your Roku device is probably not connected to the internet network.
  3. Select ‘try again’ button if that’s the case and then, connect your Roku device to the internet network.

Following above-mentioned steps are crucial to activating Roku device. If you find any issue, then you can get in touch with Roku help and providers.

Roku setup and activation process will ensure that your Roku works in an impeccable manner day-in and day out. If you find any issue in any of the steps related to setup or activation, then you can fix it with the help of Roku help and support experts. You are going to get a quick and precise solution for the issue befalling your Roku device. It doesn’t matter which device you are using, Roku troubleshooting experts will always be at your disposal for all the problems. But, if you are able to follow the activation process in a precise way, then you won’t find any issue.